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It has never been so easy …

The WebShop is an online publication system that makes it possible to carry out maintenance on Web sites directly on the Internet. This means that anyone with Internet access can update their Web site, without needing any previous programming experience.

Setup £29.00
Monthly incl. 10 e-mail accounts £34.00

By clicking the different images in the collage, you can see some good examples of various shop layouts.

Set up a free demoshop in a couple of minutes and see how simple the system is to administrate.

The demoshop is fully functional and includes all features. You can use the shop freely for two weeks. If you then wish to keep it, you can transfer it to your own domain.

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A/S ScanNet • Birkemose Allé 11 • DK-6000 Kolding • Tlf. +45 75 53 35 00 • Fax +45 75 53 35 09
E-mail: scannet@scannet.dk